Although the main focus of the Company of Adventurers is on arts and culture related subject matter, we also want to occasionally make films about important social themes that affect people's lives. Sometimes a documentary can completely change the public perception of an issue, and show in the most dramatic way possible why things are way they are, or why things need desperately to be changed.

Think of the dramatic impact of documentaries on subjects as varied as the cult of celebrity, gun control, and child abuse.

The Company is working with several filmmakers who have extensive experience of making hard-hitting social documentaries. These include films about asylum seekers, globalisation and social disadvantage.

The Company intends to use this experience to explore, from time to time, important subjects that it believes are of great public interest. It will do so in an original, revealing and compassionate manner, opening the eyes of the audience to facts and events of which they may not be aware, and contributing to important public debate.