Why do the English drink tea and the French eat horses? Why is there no word for babysitter in Japanese? Why can you leave your wallet in a public place in Yemen for several hours without it being stolen? Why do some women in the Himalayas have more than one husband? What is the relationship between nationalism and landscape? These are the sort of social and anthropological questions that go to the heart of the cultural differences between people and places.

The Company of Adventurers intend to take an eclectic and broadminded approach to cultural subject matter and to make films about unusual and challenging themes which tell us more about is human beings, their social constructs, their behaviour and their moral values. We now live in a world that is more aware than ever before of its own diversity, and which is struggling to come to terms with issues of inclusivity and tolerance, and to find a way in which society can contain radically different values and behaviour.

The Company works with people of many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and prides itself on its ability to address subjects from many different sources and perspectives. This radical perspectivism will be a feature of the Company's documentary films and will ensure that they always challenge and provoke the assumptions of the audience, and make them think about the world in new and different ways.

The Company will occasionally make films that explore the cultural zeitgeist of our times, take a quirky and original look at something familiar or commonplace, or try to unravel the reasons and consequences of certain types of human behaviour. Our cultures are the sum total of what we are, of our attitudes, values and prejudices, and provide the definitions by which we know ourselves and our society. These multifarious cultures are a rich source of material for original and creative documentary filmmaking.