History may not repeat itself, but human beings do, and the history of our species remains one of the great sources of stories and subject matter, stories which have a resonance and an interest well beyond their time. Would Mrs Thatcher have introduced the Poll Tax if she had understood the extreme unpopularity of capitation taxes introduced in the past, and the fate of those governments foolish enough to try and insist upon them? Would the US Government continue to embark upon ill judged foreign adventures, and continue to support nasty local dictators, if it had truly learned the lessons of the Vietnam war?

The great success of television historians such as David Starkey and Simon Schama testifies to the great appetite that exists for history that is well presented, relevant and thought provoking. The Company intends to make documentary films about historical subjects that have a striking resonance with audiences today, whether because they make us challenge the assumptions by which we live, or tell us something about the extraordinary diversity and changeability of the human condition.

Whether it be the expansion of trade, the effects of colonialism, the extraordinary practices of the past, the clash of civilisations, the conduct of war or the way in which human societies have coped with plague and natural disaster, the Company will explore the extraordinary richness of historical subject matter and will make documentary films of great importance and relevance to current audiences.

History films will also take the Company into the fascinating world of the drama documentary, where actors and historical recreations help to stimulate the imagination of the audience, and to bring alive the circumstances of the original events.