Dance is one of the most difficult things to capture on film. Whilst it is easy to film people dancing, it is much more difficult to capture the vibrancy, passion and energy of dance in a way that involves the audience. When filmmakers do succeed in doing this the resulting footage can provide a powerful emotional jolt to the audience.

Think of the wonderful Flamenco dance scene in the feature film "Strictly Ballroom", or the supercharged testosterone of Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing", or a blind Al Pacino dancing the Tango in the film "Scent of a Woman".

The Company of Adventurers team includes several individuals who are accomplished dancers either at the professional or amateur level and who understand the magic and the importance of dance to human beings. The Company already works with a number of filmmakers who are amongst the leading experts in filming dance performance so that it is involving, moving and powerfully visual. It is our belief that dance has been neglected as the subject of documentary filmmaking and that the passion and intensity of dance can be communicated in an engaging and dramatic manner.

The Company has links with some of the greatest dance companies and greatest dancers in the world and will constantly be working to find exciting ways to introduce new audiences to dance. Dance related documentaries will provide a dynamic and creative strand in the Company's output.