Something strange is happening in the world of popular music. Although the youth market and the dance scene still dominate music sales there are expanding audiences for various forms of global or world music and new forms of music that reach out across the genres and categories to create new connections and new markets.

Almost unnoticed on the fringes of the music scene huge shifts are taking place in taste and demand. For instance the marvellous Rap Salsa band "Orishas", a Cuban group based in Paris, do not just attract Latin people and lovers of Cuban music but also have a strong following amongst the young and people who love supercharged dance music. Eliza Carthy, the UK's leading folk singer, is redefining the whole nature of English Folk with her punk hairstyle and attitude at a time when a new inclusive "English" identity is being articulated. Buena Vista Social Club demonstrated how music from the fringes could suddenly capture the public imagination and establish a market where none had previously existed.

The Company of Adventurers was born out of the exciting world of global music and has strong connections with artists, promoters, DJs, record labels and festival organisers specialising in new and different musical genres. The Company is determined to use the vehicle of documentary films to bring some of the exciting and important developments in global music to the attention of a much wider audience. It is our belief that types of music which were previously considered minority interest increasingly have a broad and in some cases mass-market appeal.

The Company is in a position to use it connections and its background knowledge to bring to light some of the most exceptional and important new music in the world today. Whether it is the ecstatic drumming of Brazil, the desert blues of Africa or the heart rending strains of Bluegrass from the Bayou, the Company knows the artists, the stories, and how to present music in the form of groundbreaking documentary film.